DAY 11 (Monday 5th February 2018) WALK OVER HARBOUR BRIDGE


Whilst en route walking round to the bridge, I discovered the Sydney Museum of Modern Art, which was a nice surprise.  There were some interesting exhibitions, lots of creative inspiration for me.


Again, like so many other places I have visited on this trip, the Sydney Harbour Bridge lived up to its ‘billing’.  Walking around, I couldn’t help but feel Wirral needs a piece of outstanding architecture to put it on the ‘World Map’ and draw in the tourists and boost the local economy.



DAY 12 (Tuesday 6th February 2018): BONDI BEACH


This was very much like the photographs, the wide curvy beach with crashing waves.  I had a quick dip in the sea, lovely and warm unlike the waters back in Blighty that freeze your tackle off.  Lots of fine wildlife to view, good job I had a pair of sunglasses with me!



DAY 13 (Wednesday 7th February): FISH MARKET, ANZAC BRIDGE & JUBILEE PARK.


I fancied a nice fish lunch with a nice glass of white Sydney Fish Market wine.  However, this never quite happened. Either places didn’t appear to want my service, or they were closing.  I guess that’s my own fault for being a ‘Lazy Toad’ and not getting up early enough.


So, I decided to take a stroll and discovered ANZAC Bridge.  This was a nice surprise, very interesting structure, and a story behind it being built.  I then kept on walking, ending up going round ‘Jubilee Park’ which had some fantastic views across the Sydney waters.  I found a ‘spit and sawdust’ pub that did cheap ale. I felt like I was at home in Birkenhead except for the weather!


Just as I thought everything was going perfectly, my camera decided to play up.  For some reason, the 64gb memory card which I had purchased especially for this trip, had become corrupt.  I wouldn’t have minded if this had been ‘Day 1’.  However, it was ‘Day 13’ after I had been going ‘click crazy’ for nearly 2 weeks.  I was not a ‘happy bunny’ today!  Footnote, I purchased some imaging repair software after my trip that recovered the photographs.

ANZAC Bridge, looking towards the city from Jubilee Park

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