DAY 21 (Thursday 15th February 2018): FLIGHT HOME

I popped up to the local café for a last Aussie brunch, very pleasant service.  I got a taxi to the airport, checked in and passed through security without any issues.  Thought I’m laughing here, plenty of time for Duty Free and a beer or two before boarding.  I then checked my phone, and a ‘What’s App’ message from Elaine, asking for her house keys back ASAP as she needed them for another guest.  Hmm, what the **** am I to do!  In short, I had to pass the keys to someone on the boarding desk that would then pass them on to lost property.  Fortunately, it all worked itself out.  Elaine got her keys back and I got my flight home.

No real dramas on the flights home, except got charged for turning on my phone mid-flight, even though I didn’t send any messages or make any phone calls.  No wonder Man City are walking the League this season!

DAY 22 (Friday 16th February 2018): BACK IN BLIGHTY!

Bit of a shock landing back in Manchester, not because it was freezing but because it wasn’t raining!  Passing through security was a little tricky, as my passport couldn’t be read by the scanner and the gate wouldn’t open to let me in to the country.  Fortunately a member of the airport staff managed to sort this out and let me in.  Daily Mail, is this being soft on immigration?  Anyway, picked up my case from baggage reclaim fine, and went for a coffee before getting the coach back to Liverpool and bus over to Birkenhead.  I was glad to be home and see my Angel, Thel, who I missed very much on my trip.


I planned this as trip of a lifetime to celebrate my 50th Birthday.  Sometimes, your expectations aren’t met by reality, but I can honestly say this trip lived up to everything I hoped it would.  The memories will last me for the rest of my life.  Now it’s time to save for my 60th birthday trip!

Jarmin Apple.

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