I found this workshop very interesting, in particular seeing how the Australian mental health system works.  The people who I met were very friendly and I felt were on the same wavelength as myself.

On the train up to the workshop, at the station before I was due to get off, there was an announcement to alight for the Olympic Park.  I thought this was an opportunity not to be missed, so took a detour on the way home.  It was well worth it, the stadium looked amazing from the outside.  If I had thought on would have booked a tour, but it wasn’t to be.  There was an interesting wire framed sculpture near the stadium of ‘Cathy Freeman’ the Australian and Aboriginal 400 metre runner gold medallist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

DAY 20 (Wednesday 14th Feburary 2018): ‘PADDY’S MARKET’, SYDNEY SUNSET & ‘SURREY HILL’ DRINKS

I decided to re-visit ‘Paddy’s Market’ to buy some presents for the family, as on my earlier fleeting visit I discovered there were lots of interesting stores there.  I spent some time wandering around before buying, as I wanted to get the best deals.  After, given it was a rather warm 32 degrees C or 90F there was no other alternative than going for a drink and people watching.

I had a quick trip back to base to get a bite to eat and to drop my goodies off.  I grabbed my camera and headed back to the Botanical Gardens to take photographs of the Sydney Sunset.  I underestimated the travel time, as the sun had almost set when I started photographing.  Hey ho!

En route, Elaine sent me a ‘What’s App’ message inviting me to join her and a few others for final night drinks in Surrey Hills.  I don’t need asking twice to have a drink, so negotiated the bus up there.  I wasn’t helped by the knob of an unhelpful bus driver, then the bar door man who thought I was drunk as I tried the wrong entrance to get in.  Anyhow, once inside I had a few ‘scooners’ and met some nice people, all in all a very nice way to finish of a fabulous trip!

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