‘JARMIN GOES DOWN UNDER, Part 7: A Sydney Blue Monday’

PART SEVEN (January 2019)

DAY 17 (Sunday 11th February 2018): MANLEY BEACH

Whilst queuing for the ferry, I met a guy called ‘Bret’ who claimed to ex ‘Soccer Roo’.  Not quite sure if I believed him or not, but interesting none the less.

Again, like other places I’d visited, Manley lived up to expectations and recommendations.  I had a very pleasant little swim where the water was lovely and warm, then a scenic walk around the area.  There was plenty of fine Aussie wildlife out on the beaches.  On the prom, I enjoyed some beautiful locally sourced fish, and chips, with a nice scooner (what the Aussie call a pint, or a little less than one) of ale to wash it down.  Afterwards, I found a mini street market with some interesting stores.

DAY 18 (Monday 12th February 2018): BLUE MOUNTAINS

This was well worth the comparatively long train journey out there.  The views were mind-blowing, helped by some lovely weather.  I decided to treat myself to an all-inclusive bus tour, including a ‘Sky Walk’ across a gorge, and two other different types of ride up and down the mountains.  Although on the expensive side, I felt this was worth it.  The only downside was I missed the tour bus at ‘Scenic World’, due to some dick telling me the wrong place to wait.  I only had another half hour wait time, so no real hardship sitting in the sun.

At the end of the trip, I had a rather a nice meal in a ‘cool’ arty type café.  The service and food was spot on.

View over Blue Mountains, mid afternoon.

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